venerdì 6 maggio 2011

vinyls on sale

boots, c.c, snake & remus - box 3 lp
suni mcgrath - childgroove
bob bannister - eight day clock
gino pertot - jew nails
500mg - vertical approach
meic stevens - gog (cost much)
ragweed - time for a song
arbete och fritid - sen dansar vi ut 2lp
james dyckman - independent study
aron - testament from the human plantation
mountainhood - the boat-maker's daughter
cam deas - quadtych volume 1
deas & denton - inferno
spitar joy band - pleasure is the headlight 2 lp
mother of fire - same
jeff eubank - a street called straight
michael yonkers - thy will be done
clive palmer - just me

all those a good price
plaes email me at

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